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      Hello! Shenzhen Win-drive Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. welcomes you!
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      Current location: Home Product NEUGART Planetary Gearbox with Output Shaft PLHE
      • Planetary Gearbox with Output Shaft PLHE
      • Planetary Gearbox with Output Shaft PLHE
      • Planetary Gearbox with Output Shaft PLHE
      • Planetary Gearbox with Output Shaft PLHE
      • Planetary Gearbox with Output Shaft PLHE
      • Planetary Gearbox with Output Shaft PLHE
      • Planetary Gearbox with Output Shaft PLHE
      • Planetary Gearbox with Output Shaft PLHE
      Planetary Gearbox with Output Shaft PLHE

      This is progress: In this planetary gearbox, precision and cost effectiveness meet.

      The PLHE is the world’s first combination of economy and precision planetary gearboxes. The prestressed tapered roller bearings of our planetary gearboxes safeguard great stiffness even under the highest loads. The seal we have developed provides the perfect protection against dust and water jets.


      PLHE planetary gearbox has been greatly improved in accuracy and economy through the optimization of economical gearbox, and it is also the first gearbox that integrates economical and high-precision. Self-developed seals can effectively prevent splash water and dust from entering the machine, and can be protected with the help of intelligent structure.

      This gearbox can also play the characteristics of this gearbox in a more demanding environment. The preloaded tapered roller bearing ensures that the gearbox has this high rigidity. Even if the running direction is frequently switched, the output bearing can maintain with zero backlash. Good characteristics are maintained even under continuous load.


      Product description

      NEUGART's planetary gear units with output shaft are suitable for a wide variety of drive solutions.

      The output shaft can be selected in different forms, for example, as a transmission shaft with feather keys to reliably transmit power in a mutually meshing manner.

      The Feather Key is a universal connecting element found in numerous drive assemblies, creating a fast and reliable connection between planetary gearboxes with output shafts and your application

      Planetary gearboxes with smooth output shafts are ideal for friction-fit connection to the coupling. So you also get excellent torque transfer when running in reverse.

      The planetary gearbox with output shaft can also be connected to your drive system via a multi-tooth shaft. With this meshing output shaft according to DIN 5480, you can install other drive components, such as pinions, very simply by intermeshing with the internal teeth.


      The drive flange of the planetary gearbox can be individually adapted to the motor. The compact unit of planetary gear unit with output shaft and servo motor increases flexibility.

      Due to the low moment of inertia of the output shaft, planetary gearboxes with output shafts are the ideal solution for many dynamic applications.

      Due to the wide variety of planetary gearboxes with output shafts, we offer you maximum freedom in choosing the right product for your specific application.

      PLHE has an extra-long centering ring, which can be installed in any position, the input flange can be adapted to special motors; the output shaft has a variety of styles, and the gearbox with pinion can be customized; optimized moment of inertia locking The system adopts high-precision gears, which can maintain a high meshing accuracy. The torsional stiffness of the gearbox is between 2.6-27.5Nm, and the weight can be selected from 1.5-8.8kg. The specific gearbox data selection sample will have complete data, and it can also be displayed through NCP when adapting the motor.

      Product advantages

      High precision, economical, high rigidity, high load, completely sealed



      Various types of output shafts


      Optimized tensioning system

      Various types of drive flanges

      installed pinion


      Packaging equipment, printing industry, agricultural product industry


      Rigidity under high loads

      high sealing

      Can be installed anywhere

      Lifetime lubrication maintenance free

      precise meshing

      PLHE gearbox model speed ratio


      PLHE60 gearbox dimension drawingPLHE行星減速機內部結構圖.png

      PLHE planetary gearbox drawing download:
      PLHE selection reference diagram

      Gearbox characteristics PLHE060 PLHE080 PLHE120 P
      Reduer 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 1
      Reduer 9, 12, 15, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40,64,100 2
      Service life h 30.000
      Efficiency at full load % 97/96
      Min operating temperature/max operating temperature -25/90
      Protection class IP65
      Standard lubrication Grease (lifetime lubrication)
      Food grade lubrication Grease (lifetime lubrication)
      Low temperature lubrication Grease (lifetime lubrication)
      Lnstallation location Any
      Standard return clearance arcmin <10-<12 <7-<9 <7-<9
      Torsional stiffness Nm/arcmin 2.6-4.6 7.3-12.3 16.7-27.5
      Reducer weight kg 1.5-1.8 3.0-4.0 6.8-8.8
      Standard case surface Housing: Steel - heat-treated and post-oxidized(black)
      Running noise dB/(A) 58 60 65
      Max bending moment based on the gearbox input flange Nm 8 16 40

      Nominal Output torque

      PLHE060 PLHE080 PLHE120 I P
      28 85 115 3 1
      38 115 155 4
      40 110 195 5
      25 65 135 7
      18 50 120 8
      15 38 95 10
      44 130 210 9 2
      44 120 260 12
      44 110 230 15
      44 120 260 16
      44 120 260 20
      40 110 230 25
      44 120 260 32
      40 110 230 40
      18 50 120 64
      15 38 95 100

      Output shaft loads 

      PLHE060 PLHE080  PLHE120  
      Radial force for 20000 h N 3200 5500 6000
      Axial force for 20000 h N 4400 6400 8000
      Radial force for 30000 h N 3200 4800 5400
      Axial force for 30000 h  N 3900 5700 7000
      Tilting moment for 20000 h Nm 191 383 488
      Tilting moment for 30000 h Nm 191 335 439


      PLHE060 PLHE080  PLHE120 P
      Shaft diameter output mm 16 22 32
      Centering diameter output mm 60 70 90
      Housing diameter mm 60 80 115
      Flange cross section output  mm 70 80 110
      Min. total lenght mm 127 159 199.5 1
      139.5 177 227 2
      Shaft lenght output mm 48 56 88

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